Thursday, February 12, 2015

New database: Flipster

We are very pleased to announce our new subscription database, Flipster!

Flipster is a magazine database. It has a viewer that lets you browse magazines page by page.

Learn more about how to access Flipster from the slide presentation below

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Citation generators in library databases

Learning how to cite your resources can be one of the most challenging aspects of writing a research paper.

Especially when there are so many different citation styles to learn. (MLA, APA, Chicago to name a few)

Did you know that many of our library databases will not only help you find resources for your research paper, but help you cite those resources too? Sometimes students have a hard time noticing or finding the option for creating a citation in a databases.

You will normally find it within the record for the resource, some place at the top, side or bottom. This slide presentation has some example screenshots from some of our more popular library databases, showing the placement of the citation generator.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Library Learning Center hours for Thanksgiving weekend

We will be closing early this Wednesday and for the duration of Thanksgiving weekend. We hope everyone enjoys their Turkey Day!

InstaGrok - interactive concept map

instaGrok is a nifty web tool that could be very useful for doing research and finding resources online.

When you type in a topic or a combination of keywords, instaGrok will provide you with an interactive concept map.  If you click on one of the concepts or keywords, it will open another interactive box that provides links to various online resources, including websites, statistics, videos. The concept map itself might be especially helpful if you're having a hard time coming up with good keywords associated with your topic.
Just keep in mind that you are still dealing with open web resources here and although instaGrok does a pretty good job weeding out the less credible websites, you should still evaluate the site and the information on it for yourself to make sure it's definitely good resource to use.