Thursday, May 1, 2014

Last minute library resources

Hey there! Listen, we'll make this quick! Two weeks to graduation and last minute projects and papers to write, we know you're busy, so here's a few things to remember about the library and the resources we have that can help.

1) Citing Sources

Here's a research guide that has information about various citation formats.  There you will also find a link to our citation management tool, EasyBib
Many databases
will help you cite.
Just look for a link
similar to this. 

Also remember, when using our online databases look for a link that will help provide the citation for you. Not every database will have it, but many do.

 2) Laptops and iPads

If you've been in the library lately (especially today!) you probably noticed how busy this place is.  That's pretty typical for this time of year.  If you ever find that all our computer stations are in use, remember that you can always check-out a laptop or an iPad to work on instead.  Just remember to bring your JCC student card to check them out.  

 3) Meeting rooms for group work (one with a large screen to practice a group presentation)

Although there are tables and sitting areas on the first floor for study groups and other group work, we also have two small meeting rooms.  These are available on a first come, first serve basis.  However, one of the rooms does have a large screen for practicing a group presentation on PowerPoint.  If you would like to use the large screen then you would have to reserve the room ahead of time.  Call our circulation desk for more information. 315-786-2225

Finally, for those last minute questions at 2am the morning before the paper is due, there's always our Ask a Librarian 24/7 Chat Service.  This service is a collaborative effort between librarians all over, so you will likely be connected with someone at a different college.  However, they are still librarians and they will still be able to help you with some of the more general research questions you may have.  

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